About Us

EMCS Emergency Management Consultancy Services - Be Ready!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, and with a network of colleagues and associates nationally and internationally, EMCS helps to make business, industry, government organisations and the community to be more prepared for and resilient to incidents, emergencies, disasters and crises.

Commencing operation in 2007, EMCS has developed an extensive client list and resume of achievements through its cost effective solutions to client needs. EMCS has assisted organisations to improve resilience through effective planning, training of staff, and regular exercising before the real emergency occurs.

EMCS assistance encompasses a range of advantages for organisations seeking to:

  • Minimise liabilities
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Manage emergencies before they become crises
  • Prepare risk and functionally specific plans
  • Test and practice existing arrangements

EMCS offers a range of services, including:

  • Emergency and business continuity management planning
  • Risk and crisis management
  • Exercising and independent debriefing
  • Emergency Coordination Centre and Incident/Crisis Control Centre management
  • Professional development and competency based training in all of the above

EMCS can assist organisations to achieve the right result by drawing on an extensive network of experienced consultants in emergency management and allied fields.

The road ahead will be clear if you engage EMCS to help you to Be Ready!