Coordinate Incident Response

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This course covers the coordination of the response to off-shore or on-shore incidents. The person may be the Incident Controller, or could be a member of the Incident Control Centre team. The Incident Controller is typically supported by an Incident Commander or Response Coordinator, who may be stationed away from the facility or plant.


To enable participants to implement and practice procedures required to manage emergencies that may be encountered at an operational facility.


Participants will be exposed to the issues facing command and control teams and the strategies they use to manage emergency responses. Elements of the learning program include:

  • Assess the situation and determine priorities
  • Manage incident control centre
  • Liaise with internal management and support structures
  • Ensure communication systems are effective
  • Conclude and review incident activities

The program is conducted as a combination of classroom presentations and workshops, as well as practical simulation activities. All activities are designed to enable teams to work together and practice their communication and decision making skills through a number of scenarios in which they can both hone their skills as well as evaluate their reactions individually and those of the team.


Upon successful completion of a workbook and participation in a number of simulation exercises, candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion for Coordinate Incident Response from EMCS.


4 days

Refresher Training

EMCS recommends refresher training in these skills every two years. This is available as a two day program.