Municipal Emergency Management

EMCS Emergency Management Consultancy Services - Be Ready!

Emergency Management 101 for Local Government

EMCS supports and assists local government authorities to meet their statutory emergency management obligations for their community.  In addition to providing support with emergency management planning, exercising and auditing, under the banner of ‘EM101 for Local Government’, EMCS also provides bespoke training solutions to meet specific municipal requirements.  This includes tailored training sessions covering:

  • Key roles such as:
    • Municipal Emergency Management Officer (MEMO)
    • Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM)
    • Emergency Management Liaison Officer (EMLO)
    • Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) operation and management
    • Executive Leadership and Councillor roles in emergencies
  • Local government roles, responsibilities and statutory obligations
  • Emergency management arrangements awareness
  • Structure, functions and operation of a Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC)
  • Municipal emergency management planning