Welfare Support Team Workshop

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  • Emergency and crisis plans written and in place: Yes
  • Incident and emergency management staff trained: Yes
  • Regular drills and exercises conducted to practice the operational response to an emergency: Yes
  • HR & support staff trained to assist staff and families in the event of an incident involving mass casualties or a fatality ……. umm?

The Welfare Support Team Workshop is designed to provide Human Resources and other support staff in the emergency management structure with a broad understanding of the their role in a company emergency in which there is a fatality or large number of casualties.


This program covers:

  • A basic introduction to your company’s emergency management structure and processes
  • The psychology of disaster including human reactions and stress management – impact on colleagues and families
  • The role of the Welfare Support Team
  • Consistent messaging – the relationship with the media team and liaison with families
  • Telephone techniques and Reception Centre management
  • Role of other agencies in workplace injuries and fatalities


The program is delivered as a series of workshop discussion sessions designed to provide background knowledge. These are coupled with practical simulations in which participants will be able to apply the knowledge and skills in a series of scenarios.



The program can be tailored as a 1-day or 2-day program depending on the size of the group, their background and the requirement for simulations.

Refresher Training

EMCS recommends refresher training in these skills every two years. This is available as a half-day program.