Emergency Relief Centre Operation

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Emergency Relief Centre Management

How well prepared, trained and exercised are your people?

Recent events across the world have highlighted that communities are becoming more dependent on well-prepared local emergency services and governments to assist them in a time of crisis.

EMCS can assist with emergency relief centre (ERC) capacity building and review.

  • When was the last time your community opened and operated an ERC?
  • Have you trained and exercised your staff in the management of thefacility?
  • Any idea how many staff it takes to run an ERC on a 24 hours basis?
  • Could you improve your ERC management?
  • When was the last time you conducted an ERC exercise?
  • How suitable are your facilities really?

Emergency Relief Centre Management training

Tailored 2 – 4 hour program designed for up to 20 staff covering:

  1. Purpose of an ERC
  2. Roles and function of the ERC management team
  3. Interagency liaison and communication