Log Keeper’s / Scribe’s Workshop

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The role of the Log Keeper or Scribe in an Emergency Management Team is often under valued or considered in team planning and training. Generally the role is assigned to a non-operational support staff member. However, in post incident reviews and enquiries, it is that person’s record of the emergency that will be examined in fine detail.

This program is designed to provide staff allocated to fulfil this role with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure logs are complete and capture the critical aspects and decisions made in the response to the emergency.


Participants who complete this workshop will identify the various types of information that needs to be captured in the event log, as well as the other duties of the Log Keeping role. They will learn best practice procedures for recording information and how to confirm their content is correct. They will also have the opportunity to build confidence, through practice in case studies and simulations during the workshop.


The program is delivered as a mix of theoretical sessions designed to provide background knowledge and practical sessions to apply the knowledge and skills in simulated scenarios.

Key Subject Areas

  • Information management
  • Issues identification and prioritisation
  • Your organisation’s emergency management structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Log Keeper
  • Information sharing and communications
  • Record keeping


3 – 4 hours depending on group size

Refresher Training

EMCS recommends refresher training in these skills every two years. This is available as a half-day program.