Manage a Crisis

EMCS Emergency Management Consultancy Services - Be Ready!

This program covers the skills to participate as a crisis management team member and manage the organisation through a crisis. It applies to a person who would typically be a manager/senior manager for the organisation.


To enable participants to implement and practice the concepts, principles and procedures required to manage a crisis impacting on the company.


Participants will be exposed to the organisation’s internal emergency management policy and structure as applied to a crisis, including the tools necessary to function at the crisis management level. Elements of the learning program include:

  • Define the crisis
  • Implement contingency plans
  • Establish communications
  • Assess the crisis
  • Implement crisis management plan
  • Document and review crisis and response
  • Manage post crisis operations


Upon successful completion of a workbook and participation in a number of simulation exercises, candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion for Manage a Crisis from EMCS.



4 days

Refresher Training

EMCS recommends refresher training in these skills every two years. This is available as a two day program.