Participant Information

EMCS Emergency Management Consultancy Services - Be Ready!

EMCS is not a Registered Training Organisation and is not authorised to issue National Recognised Training certificates or qualifications in its own right.  EMCS does however provide a range of other training activities.  These do not articulate into nationally recognised certificates or qualifications.  EMCS is a quality provider of training and learning systems, and EMCS strives to deliver training of the highest possible standards.  In doing so, wherever possible EMCS designs, delivers and assesses training using the principles and practices of competency based training.

Activity Booking

EMCS only accepts corporate bookings for participation in training activities as all practical exercises and simulations either require collective group site knowledge or access to corporate sites.  Courses maybe conducted for a single corporate client, or where practical and feasible, for multiple corporate clients, subject to agreement by all corporate participants.

Complaints and Appeals

All complaints are taken seriously and every attempt is made to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Any participant with a complaint about EMCS training should take the matter up with the EMCS Lead Trainer involved in the first instance.  If this does not provide a satisfactory conclusion, or the participant is not comfortable raising the matter at this level, then the participant should contact the EMCS Managing Director.  Only complaints and appeals received in writing can be investigated.  Such complaints and appeals must include the following information:

  • Name and contact details of person lodging the complaint or appeal (the complainant)
  • Course or training activity involved
  • Date, time and location of the activity
  • Reason for the complaint or appeal
  • Supporting evidence
  • Resolution sought

Complaints and appeals can be lodged addressing the above requirements by clicking here.