EMCS Emergency Management Consultancy Services - Be Ready!

The best way to test an emergency plan is to have a real emergency!

The second best way is to conduct an exercise to practise the roles people will have to fulfil during a crisis.  EMCS can assist you with this as our consultants have extensive experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of exercises as a learning tool for organisations, their staff and broader community groups.  We can also provide you with an objective review of your existing arrangements together with recommendations on how they can be improved to comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring the most efficient recovery and resumption of your business or community.

EMCS consultants can design, facilitate, debrief and evaluate performance in many different types of exercises, including:

  • Discussion or table top exercises
  • Communications exercises using a portable phone system
  • Simulated control and coordination centre exercises
  • Emergency relief centre exercises
  • Operational field exercises involving multi agency responses

Exercises can be designed to meet specific objectives and evaluate preparedness and effectiveness in one or more aspects of your emergency management arrangements.